Ashley Dupre Nude Photos
(who would have thought??)

Review of the photos
Ashley Alexandra Dupre, the girl responsible for bringing down the ex-NY governor Spitzer ended up modeling in more than just Girls Gone Wild videos, and is she hot. I can see why Spitzer paid $5000 for her. We found these photos on the page, I hope they don't mind. I don't know where they found them, but I'm not the one to ask questions.

(by the way you can download all Ashley images in Hi-Res from this site for only a dollar)
That's $4999 less than what Spitzer paid for her!

And you probably heard that there's also a video of her modeling just about naked in front of the frat boys at the Girls Gone Wild tour in 2003 but what you don't know is that another one of her tapes got STOLEN from Girls Gone Wild (stolen tape is here).

Here's a censored video from from the tape that everyone has seen. This is not the stolen one:

She's hot, worth $5000 though? Maybe!

You can download the full tapes from this site. If I were you I'd hurry up because Ashley may sue them and take those tapes offline. There's also a deal going on right now where you can join for like a dollar. Once again: this is the stolen tape link

Thank me later.